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Autumn Leaves

Halloween was on Monday, which isn’t the best night to celebrate, but the clocks have returned to Greenwich Mean Time so we got an extra hour in bed at the weekend which is always a bonus. We spent a couple of hours concentrating on Sunday afternoon… carving pumpkins is a serious business 🤭 Only oneContinue reading “Autumn Leaves”

Round Here

Our allotment planet! I do love these ‘little planet’ style photos and I found instructions on this site. I thought you needed a special bit of kit to make these images. You must have seen them before, there are some amazing images on-line. I find them very pleasing 😌 Here are some other things that have pleased meContinue reading “Round Here”

Day of the Sunflowers

This is the veggie bake I made at the weekend – so pretty, but it took a long time to cook even though I’d thinly sliced the veg. The veg (potato, courgette and tomato on top of fried onions and garlic) was covered in a cheese sauce and baked. The tomatoes were kindly given toContinue reading “Day of the Sunflowers”

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I remembered we have cucumber moulds, so the continuous supply of Baby cucumbers are now looking different.  As long as they’re sealed in a plastic bag in the fridge they are still perfect after 3 days. I’ve seen some tasty recipes for them, but we’ve mostly been having them in sandwiches or with hummus dips. Jamie hasContinue reading “Lazy Sunday Afternoon”

Rewind The Film

It’s here! The new drone video of the site, courtesy of Colin de Fraine.  I hope you agree that the plots are looking amazing from all the different angles. How dry it is though! Still no rain, so thank goodness for the borehole and generator to pump our water. From Monday it’s National Allotment WeekContinue reading “Rewind The Film”