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Bitter Tears

Anyone else had a really rainy start to November? It was so rainy on Sunday that we had to shelter in the car when we got back from the allotment! The rain was streaming down the road. While we were on the plot it felt quite warm and we even saw the Sun for aContinue reading “Bitter Tears”

Golden Skans

I made rosehip jelly – it was a bit of a palaver to be honest. Two little jars of gold – they look great, but I think they may just be super-sweet and maybe not worth the effort. We’ll find out in a couple of months… I used this recipe from LarderLove. We ended up havingContinue reading “Golden Skans”

Across the Universe

How amazing are the Yin Yang beans! The patterns are great. Unfortunately only three of my seeds germinated this year, so the beans I harvested this week are being saved to try again next year. They’re also known as Orca beans. That is all the beans I got from the three dwarf plants; I was expecting more butContinue reading “Across the Universe”

Rinse and Repeat

What a sunny scene of home-sown flowers 😊.  I must remember to sow lobelia into modules next year. It’ll make it far easier to pot them on. Zinnia seem to be the flower of the moment. And ours are appearing. They’re multi-coloured so some of the orange flowers are zinnia rather than marigolds.  I’m seeing themContinue reading “Rinse and Repeat”


It’s colourful-meal-time! No colour enhancement necessary for Salad Blue potatoes (they’re actually a maincrop). Fabulous looking and great flavour. The one Salad Blue plant that we pulled provided enough potatoes for several meals and there are still a few little ones left. These veggies were fried in chilli oil and included garlic so was totally delicious thoughContinue reading “Superstition”