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Autumn Leaves

Flashing pumpkins

Halloween was on Monday, which isn’t the best night to celebrate, but the clocks have returned to Greenwich Mean Time so we got an extra hour in bed at the weekend which is always a bonus. We spent a couple of hours concentrating on Sunday afternoon… carving pumpkins is a serious business 🤭

Only one of those was home-grown this year but we have to have one each; one for the plot and one for home. I had a 4-day weekend which was great. We had a lovely walk at Bowdown Woods in Newbury on Friday. It was warm and sunny. I was hoping to find some fly agarics but they were all past their best, nibbled or booted.

Woodland walk

I photographed this little lone mushroom at the allotment. I’m not sure what variety it is, it looked like that all weekend. I’ll see if it changes over the next few days, if it isn’t completely eaten.

Last weekend the temperatures reached 21° so we were in tee shirts on the allotment. I wonder if this is weather we’re going to get used to for future years. The weeds are loving it, especially with rainy mornings and sunny afternoons. The garlic has germinated already, in just 4 weeks – that’s fast, I normally find it quite slow to germinate, which is why we’ve ended up with two plantings some previous years!

Garlic sprouting

Jamie sowed the broad beans on Sunday. Aquadulce Claudia We don’t want them to grow too quickly this side of Christmas but we wanted to get them sown before the really cold weather arrives… if it does arrive. The little cloches are for mouse protection.

They’re far enough apart so we can put net cloches over once they’ve germinated.

Broad beans sown under cloches

I cleared the raised bed. I’m planning on it being a herb bed from next year. That’s lettuce at the end of the bed. Slugs have avoided it so far – famous last words; they ruined my Chinese cabbage ☹️

Cleared raised bed

Ivan showed me how to trim back the bearded iris where a fungal disease has damaged the leaves. They’re sprouting new plants around the crown. That’s spread a lot since it was planted last year; the corms need 7hours of sunshine a day to be happy and flower.

Bearded Iris

Talking of Ivan, he gave us some of his dried peppers. They’re not chilli, so I look forward to adding them to some dishes over the next few months. And our peppers in the polytunnel are finally changing colour! They’re yellow at the moment.

Dried peppers

This was a meal we had in the week – mostly home-grown (apart from the plant-based steak strips) including some of our Salad Blue potatoes, roughly chopped and roasted.

Blue potatoes with a veggie stir-fry

Here are a few more pics from our Autumn woodland walk. The song title is provided by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Autumn in Bowdown Woods

Published by Belinda Robinson

Photos of planting, growing, harvesting, (occasional) vegetarian cooking and wildlife - this is why the Marsh Lane Allotment site in Hungerford is such a fabulous place to spend time. A record of successes, failures and it's a handy reminder for me too. From 2017 each post title brings a song to add a little extra music to the world - enjoy!

One thought on “Autumn Leaves

  1. A most enjoyable post and lovely pictures. The mild weather has meant that we’re still surprisingly busy on our plots.
    There is so much to look at on woodland walks at this time of year. xx

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