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In the Cold, Cold Night

Fosted Geum

Coo, that’s chilly! I’ve never seen such spiky frost. Apparently it’s called Rime Ice and the freezing fog will have helped cause it, along with the arctic blast. It’s rather stunning, I hope you agree as here are a few more examples.

All the wire on site was significantly thicker than usual.

Hairy fence

And netting looked hairy.

The teasels were extra spiny.

Especially the stems!

The coreopsis flower was still just about recognisable.

And the chard… well!

Even the brassicas didn’t seem too happy, it may have been a bit too icy – even though they’re meant to taste even better after a frost (hmm, I wonder if the whitefly survived).

We enjoyed a few bubbles whilst on site.

You can see the bubble just beginning to freeze in this photo. Looks like craqueleur.

This beautiful one stayed stuck to the pot for ages.

Meanwhile Robbie enjoyed a few mealworms. Aww, poor little chap had to puff up his feathers to keep warm.

Anyway, that was quite enough playing in the cold – look at the thickness of the ice!

Thick ice

We’ve had a long day. We got up extra early to enjoy the Hungerford Christmas lights in a proper frosty, foggy Winter Wonderland at 4:30 this morning (4:30!). Only to find they switch the lights off at some point in the night – doh! But the super-frosted spiders webs everywhere were amazing, so it wasn’t too disappointing.

Frosted spiders webs

And a few lights were left on for us to enjoy.

Christmassy shop

So that was yesterday, as the temperatures slip down again overnight….brrr. No snow so far, but maybe in the coming week. The White Stripes provide this perfect song title.


Published by Belinda Robinson

Photos of planting, growing, harvesting, (occasional) vegetarian cooking and wildlife - this is why the Marsh Lane Allotment site in Hungerford is such a fabulous place to spend time. A record of successes, failures and it's a handy reminder for me too. From 2017 each post title brings a song to add a little extra music to the world - enjoy!

4 thoughts on “In the Cold, Cold Night

  1. Lovely wintry post and pictures. Well done on getting up so early, especially when it’s like this, to see the lights and such a shame they were switched off.
    I’ve not been to my plot since Friday, nor anywhere else. There was a dusting of snow here yesterday which has now gone but it’s still very frosty.
    Take care, and keep warm. xx


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